Privacy policy

Privacy policy for mobile applications
General information
All mobile apps developed by an independent
developer Fomichev Roman Valentinovich (alias – RinoFRV), (hereinafter — the Developer), address:
Russian Federation, Arkhangelsk, Leningradsky Avenue, 167, apartment 75. The developer reserves the right to make changes to the Apps and, if necessary, to adapt this Policy to the changes made.
Use conditions
When downloading, installing the mobile apps? You fully accept the
terms of this Policy and Express your voluntary and definite consent to the processing of Your data in the manner and for the purposes described in this policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not download the mobile apps. The developer has the right to change and/or Supplement this Policy
without prior written notice to users. You need every single month to get familiar with this Policy and subject to your changes and/or additions. If You continue to use the apps, You agree to the new’s version of the Policy.
User data collected and processed by the company
The developer does not collect or process any user data.
Data of users who process the mobile apps under the control of the users themselves without the participation of the Developer For additional functionality of the Application on users ‘ devices, it may require access to the following
1. Internet. To be able to share the results of the game in the Apps, using the standard means
of the operating system, download and display ads, as well as to go to the developer’s website.
2. Read and write to device memory. To read and save game results in the Apps.
User data security
The processing of user data takes place in the Apps on their own devices without the participation of the Developer.
Data security is provided by standard means of the operating system, there are no additional security features in the apps.
Users use the apps as is and independently protect their data in it from security threats, including but not limited to:
• protect your device and the application installed in it from theft or loss;
• protect your device and the applications installed in it from unauthorized access.
If you have any questions about the mobile apps, please contact us by e-mail:,
Last updated: june 15, 2019